Norwich Piggin in London East End

Descendants of
Robert Piggin, shoemaker
* 1818 St John the Baptist, Timberhill parish, Norwich
(parents were Mary and Robert, and she was from Upton, says Leonard Piggin)
% Rose Hannah Virril (c1818- ) St George in the East 1846 (she born Bethnal Green)
when did he die?
The middle name Warner below strongly suggests a connection to the "Halifax" family.
A brother is probably the Richard born in 1823 (suggestion by Leonard Piggin)
At the time of the 1851 census, Richard was staying with his wife's Hubbard family and they have Mary Piggin, 62, born Upton, visiting (note by Leonard Piggin).
Benjamin, a witness at that Richard's marriage, may be a further brother, born 1820. All were shoemakers.
A man named Benjamin % Harriet ---(c.1838-1906) 1859 at Marylebone
I. Rose Hannah PIGGIN
* 1847d Bethnal Green
II. George PIGGIN, packing case maker
* 1850b Bethnal Green
% Dorcas Parsons of Shoreditch 1880b (she died 1934b at Edmonton, buried Abney Park Cemetery)
1881 census: 58 Windsor St, Islington: also in 1901 census
+ ?
A. Robert "Piggins", baker
* 1884d, Shoreditch
% Rosina Busmer (c1891-1952), 1915, Southwark
lived at Hackney
+ 1967
B. William
* 1888b, Hackney
% Lilian Emily Terry (1889-1918), 1914
His name given at marriage as "William Warner Piggin"
+ 1967
C. Dorcas Beatrice
* 1892c, Hackney
% --- White, 1916, Hackney ("Beatrice Piggin")
III. James Robert, packing-case maker, later opened two fruit shops in Bath Street: 1901 census describes him as "fruit dealer, green"
* 1852a, St Luke (parents not yet identified)
% Jane Brettell, passed down as Brittle or Brettle (c1854-1929) (she stated to have been Jewish and half French), 1877, Shoreditch
they lived in Spitalfields area of London, lived at 74 Bath Street, St Lukes (1900)
+ 1929c "aged 78", Hackney
A. James Robert,
* 1880b, Holborn
enlisted 1900-1912 in First Life Guards Household Cavalry
(WO97-5692 states birth as April 1880, St Lukes)
% --- Morley
lived at Islington
+ 1917/05/13 in action in First World War
B. William, policeman
* 1881 July 14, Holborn
% Ada Eliza Shearman ( -1963) 1904, Shoreditch
+ 1953
C. Albert
* 1883/09/08, Shoreditch
% --- ZEECK (also Zeek, misread as Leeck)
lived at West Ham then St. Pancras, then Essex
+ 1962
D. Ernest Victor: was in army, serving long period in India
* 27 April 1888, Hackney
% --- TYSON or ALLUM, n.i.: they lived in NW10
+ 1970
IV. John
* 1854a, St Luke
% Sarah Jane King, charwoman at St Bartholomew Moor Lane (Sep Qtr 1874 London City?)
+ 1899b, Holborn
A. Robert, walking stick mounter at 1901 census
* 1879b, Holborn
% Martha Ann Harlow
+ 1936
B. Rose
* 1883b, Holborn (though she gave age as 20 at 1901 marriage)
% Walter Macrow Hills in St James the Less, Bethnal Green 1901/12/15
C. Albert
* 1888c, Hackney
% --- Hudson 1942?
+ 1971
Connected? William PIGGIN
* 1843b Bethnal Green
Connected? Susannah PIGGINS
* 1845c Bethnal Green

Descendants of Robert Piggin, shoemaker of Norwich
* ca. 1823 in St Julian (son of Robert Piggin, witness included Benjamin Piggin, according to 1847 marriage, but this does not fit well with the Salhouse family). A Benjamin born about 1820 shows up in the 1881 census at Aston!
% Elizabeth Hubbard 1847, St Margaret Norwich
living at St Margaret Lane, then in 1851 with Hubbard family at Three Kings Lane, St Margaret
+ ?
* ca. 1850

This table originally compiled on 31 January 2002

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