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This website contains worksheets summarizing research on the Piggin families of England. The charts below represent a hypothetical arrangement of all the known families into wider clans. The location labels below are clickable links, which lead you to another web page with more detailed information.

The largest and oldest group are to be found in the Midlands, recorded as early as about 1530, but the interconnections within the 14 families in this group remain unclear:

16th Century 17th Century 18th Century 19th Century
Elvaston DBY   Thulston DBY
Heanor DBY Bulwell NTT Nottingham NTT
Potteries STS
Ockbrook DBY  
  Crich DBY Crich DBY
  Alfreton DBY  
  Derby DBY
Derby/New Zealand
  Stanton OXF
Stamford LIN  
  Bottesford LEI Gedney LIN
Spalding LIN
Wisbech CAM
  Flitcham NFK
  Skeffington LEI Skeffington LEI
  Foleshill WAR

The Norfolk group of Piggin families has demonstrably been in existence since about 1580 and their origin may be independent of the Midlands group. Only DNA testing could conclusively establish if the Midlands and Norwich group are related:

16th Century 17th Century 18th Century 19th Century
  Parmentergate, Norwich  
  Norwich (Millis) Braintree ESS
Halifax YKS
East End LDN
  Norwich (shoemaker)
Norwich (painter)
Wandsworth LDN
Swardeston NFK
  Burlingham NFK Filby NFK Hoveton NFK
Martham NFK
  Salhouse NFK

Finally there is a group of stray families which cannot yet be connected in to the big picture:

  Fulham LDN
  Crediton DEV
  Totnes DEV
  Racine WI

Information is also given on similar, easily confused surnames in the records:

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