John Piggin -1695


John Piggin, a baker in the town of Derby, was probably a native of Elvaston. He gained a place in history when the justices, not normally responsible for the day-to-day administration of the prison there, appointed him as a second supplier of bread to it, amid suspicions that the previous baker had been supplying substandard goods. The prison would probably have mainly housed debtors.

The quality of prisoners' bread in the County Gaol at Derby arose as an issue in 1682 when they petitioned the justices of the Quarter Sessions or court. The following order from the justices was the result:-

"Whereas the poor prisoners in this County each preferred their petition to this Court this present Sessions, by which it appeared upon readinge hereof that they complayned of Thomas Mee the present Baker appointed by Order of last Sessions to bee baker of the said poor prisoners' bread, that his bread was not soe wholsome and serviceable as that which former Bakers have delivered to them to their great injury, And therefore prayed that another Baker might be employed by this Court to joyne with the said Thomas Mee in bakeing of their bread for the future; by which meanes they might expect better usage. It is ordered by this Court upon consideration had of the said petition, and for the reliefe of the said petitioners that for the future from this time forward and untill the further Order of this Court that John Piggin bee joyned with the said Thomas Mee in the bakeing of the said poore prisoners' bread and that they bake weeke for weeke by turnes, And that the Gaoler keep their Tallies severall and distinct in Order to the keeping and deliveringe Upon their Accompts by the same distinct to the Clerke of the peace."

Reproduced by J.Charles Cox in Three Centuries of Derbyshire Annals (1890), page 7, extracted 2008/02

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