The Trucks


The Trucks

Piggins Brothers appear to have manufactured trucks for a considerably longer period than they did cars. The date of one surviving sales brochure, The Piggins Motor Truck, is not certain, but the inclusion of a picture of the unusual Piggins axle, for which a patent was sought in 1912 and granted in 1914, as well as photographs of trucks already sold, indicates that the brochure dates from about 1913. The brochure shows two basic chassis designs:

Vertical ColumnOblique Column

The mention of lumber in the brochure suggests the trays of the trucks were made of wood, not steel. It is assumed that the chassis itself was a steel frame. The cockpit sides, footboards and compartment doors below were of solid aluminium, according to the brochure. The photos of the actual trucks suggest there was not only considerable variation in the bodies, but even in external features such as the 18-inch aluminium wheel hubs and radiators:

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